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Joseph Egan is something of a renaissance figure. Soon after earning a degree in film and theater, he wrote for and edited a weekly entertainment newspaper. In addition, he is the editor of a privately printed anthology, has edited several college literary magazines, worked as a free-lance editor and is a professional researcher. The Purple Diaries is his first book offered for commercial publication.  Mr. Egan has also worked in motion picture promotion, worked as a free-lance video editor, has had several film scripts optioned and served as a judge at an international independent Film festival.  In addition, as a conceptual artist he has presented installations in New York City as well as in the Midwest. One of his installations was displayed at Lincoln Center.

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As for his avocations, they are as diverse as his vocations. Mr. Egan has put together a 50,000 volume community library. He has one of the largest collections of movie programs in private hands and has amassed a 100 file boxes of movie clippings dating back to the 1960s. He is an expert on a wide range of subjects including the motion picture Heaven’s Gate, producer David O. Selznick, inventor, Nikola Tesla and of course, Mary Astor.

Preferring the private life, Mr. Egan and his wife live on the side of a mountain in Dutchess County, New York where their daily visitors are restricted to white tail deer, wild turkeys, chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons and a rather reclusive family of possums.