Information And Research Request

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The letters, manuscripts, documents and miscellaneous above were among Mary Astor’s private papers at the time of her death in September 1987. She had been living at the Motion Picture Country Home and, after her death, these papers were gathered together and saved by her son, Tono del Campo. In 2012 it was all put up for auction and the entire collection was eventually sold. Some of it came up for auction again in 2014. Unfortunately, Mr. Del Campo—who died in 2014—did not make any copies for archival use and today, for the purposes of research, this material is pretty much lost.

I cannot emphasize how important this material would to any biographer or anyone, in fact, doing a study on Mary Astor. Therefore, if someone reading this owns this material, or knows who owns it, please contact me so that I can reach out. I’m especially interested in the documents below. They were also offered for auction in 2012 and then again in 2014.

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These papers contain the autobiographical notes that Mary Astor wrote in the mid-1950s while in psychotherapy. They eventually became the embryo for, and developed into, Astor’s 1959 autobiography, My Story. I have been trying to locate this material for several years now as they would be of invaluable assistance in my own writing.  If anyone can help me locate the person or persons who own this material I would forever be in their debt. All you need do to write me is use the contact tab on this website.