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High School and Yearbooks

As I have been writing 24/7 I haven’t had time to sit down and write another one of my brilliant posts.   Nevertheless, in recent conversation with a friend somehow we got on the topic of High School.  We had differing views–she enjoyed it.  I detested it and told her that I would nuke my high school if I could. ( Yes readers, me and my positive attitudes must just shine though.)  Anyway I mentioned that I had jotted down for use in a book comments written in my yearbook but later decided to cut it from the book  (A book by the way that remains unpublished and in my truck for now)  When I had shown  it to my wife, she read it and looking up at me said,  “My God this is you.”  This came as a complete surprise as these were comments in a high school yearbook for God’s sake.  I had only put it together because I thought it amusing, and definitely not a psychological profile.  With the damper of that bit of reality setting in, I immediately stuck it back in that infamous “trunk” and forgot all about it until the conversation with a friend and my promise to send it to her.  But, before sending it  I decided to re-read it and found it quite amusing.  You may as well.  As for it being a psychological profile, I’ll let those who know me decide.  For the uninitiated it will, hopefully, provide another piece in the puzzle.


The Yearbook

Flipping through my High School yearbook a few years back, I was reminded that I had been voted the most unforgettable male member of my senior class. Surprise!  Surprise!  There is irony in this because I had completely forgotten that I had earned this notable distinction?  Anyway, here are few comments that were written in that yearbook.  I hadn’t read most of them in nearly 40 years and found myself quite surprised by what friends, acquaintances and even an occasional teacher had written to me about me.


….You are very perverted.


….One of the true joys of this year is knowing that you will not be here when I return in the fall.


…A human diesel whose “power” will never die down.

MRS. E. 

….What else can be said? It will take me 2-3 months to get back to equilibrium.

MR. L 

….You’re a born nut and a preverbal sadistic sex fiend. I’ve known you so long that I could just keep rapping for pages and pages.  You’ve had it very rough both status and friendship wise.  No matter what you think of me, I still think you’re one of the greatest, loudmouthed, perverted kids in the world.  Stay sober.

Steve R.

….Being obnoxious is one thing but the way you do it is so admirable. Keep it up.


….Under that bloc of sarcasm and arrogance, you’re a great guy.


….I just toss aside your insults and try to take you for what you are. Instead of wishing you good luck, I’m wishing it for all those who will come in contact with you in the future.

Les L.

….I guess it’s wiser to be your friend! Who else but you attacks someone bright and early in the morning when your eyes are hardly open?  You truly are unforgettable and I’m also appreciative of your quiet moods.

Miriam R.

….The fool is he who cannot take a joke. On surface one wonders “What’s with him?” A sincere soul who gives a good time to all and in return wants only friendship and kindness.  I’ve tried to be both a friend and kind.

Arnie J.

….I feel I’ve accomplished one thing which has meant a lot. I finally got to know and understand you.


….Here’s to someone who was tough to figure out and took a long time to understand but boy was it worth it.

GarY H.

….Knowing you has been a unique experience to say the least. I wish we could have agreed on something.  People like you are few and far in between if they exist at all.


….I have so many mixed emotions about you. Sometimes I hate you and sometimes I adore you.   The fights, silences and kisses.  I’ll miss you the most of all the seniors.


….I hope that I won’t be one of those persons who you make a speech to and then forget. I don’t need any grief from you.  We’ve had a lot of fun together and I hope that next year and years to come will be the same.  Remember that if you ever have a problem you can call on me

Ilene G.

….In the time that I’ve known you—belligerent or not—I really think that you are one of the most sincere people I know. You are really a superb person.

Barbara C.

….I can’t afford the ink, time or paper to write what I really want to say. I have enjoyed knowing you and even though we’ve had our ups and downs it’s been great.  Of all my memories of school you will occupy a great many of them.  You’re fantastic.


….You’re the institution of this Senior class. Your temerity and humility are the most endearing traits any one person could have.  You’re terrific.


….I really believe that your blood, guts and insanity have contributed more to this school than any other kid. It’s going to be quiet without you.


….I shall avoid sentimentality, lest you sneer at it. I sincerely value the fact that I can enumerate you as one of my friends and a person to whom I can look for a jovial thought when I am depressed.


….What can I possibly say to someone like you. Rivals at times, friends at other times.  I’ve been competing with you for two years.  I wonder who won.  Please stay the fun loving, bubbling person you are.

Linda W.

…To my good friend who is truly an island.

Kenny F. 

….You are probably the most unique person I have ever met and that certainly is a compliment! Individuality is a rare.  Wow!  They certainly broke the mold!  Never will I go by first impressions.  Best of luck and stay a “nut.”


….I don’t think I have ever met a person who has been as individualistic as you. I hope I never do again!  I don’t know where you get all that energy from.


….Knowing you has been a real experience. I will never forget you.  How can I help it.

Patty A.

….After all these years of listening to you it will be a real loss not to see you next year. Even though we have not always gotten along, I am sure that you are one person that I will never forget.

Mark M.

…You’re totally insane but sometimes I love you. I wish you loads of sex at college.

Marion H.

….It’s been weird knowing you. You’re the ‘uniquest’ person I think that I’ll ever know.  I wonder how your college will take it.

—Jan S.

…Between your acts of boldness and outburst it was a pleasure having you in class. You have intelligence and personality aplenty when you use it.  Your friend and teacher.

Mr. J.

….Despite everything obnoxious about you I really love you and I hope that you’ll use your capacities to love constructively. Be good and don’t forget that you are basically a pure and determined person who someday must realize this to be happy.


…I love you.   You are delightful to be with.  I’d hate to lose such a dear and honest friend.

Gloria G.

…It’s hard to express in words how I feel about you! I’m happy to be one of the few people who knows the “real you” or has seen it at certain moments.   If it weren’t for you sometimes I just don’t know.  I’ll miss you more than you’ll know.  When you’re in a good mood you just make it seem like life’s worth living.  You’re an inspiration of individualism to everyone who knows you.

Susan H. 

..To one of the most generous and beautiful people I have ever known. Stay as warm and as loveable as you are forever.


….You got a talent that can make you loved or make you hated.   We’ve had our differences but your intelligence has made me respect you.

Tommy C.

….Your big mouth was listened to by few, but if someone really listened they’d see you understood more than most.

Donny R.

….The trouble is you never stopped to understand it all, not only piecemeal. Nevertheless, that doesn’t diminish the fact that I respect you and wish you the best.  There’s much to say but you have probably said it already.

Dennis T.

….What can I say to the boy who has already said everything. We’ve come to know each other and I have profited greatly from this experience.


….Although we argued a lot you always stood up for what was right.


….Underneath the noise and bombast I found a hardworking truth-seeker.


….To someone who at least thinks about things instead of taking it all as it is and who tries to see the truth in it all. Kindness and forgiveness count too, but I think you do know that now.

Diane K. 

….Good luck to a sincere, deep thinking, energetic young man whose many talents will refine themselves with maturity. You’ve made a lasting contribution to this school not measured in a material way but in attitude.

Mr. D.

….The most important aspect of life is to be true to oneself. Contrary to those plastic people who will remember you as a clown, I believe you are a real person covered with the “grease paint” which you are forced to wear by a merciless and inhumane society.  I’ve had the privilege to see the real you and that’s the person I’ll remember.

Allen S.

….Few know you as I do. Someday you’ll drop the façade and the world will be better off for it.


…..Shakespeare is famous for disguising his characters but in the end their true identity is always revealed. The audience would certainly feel cheated if it were not.  Like the audience I was glad to have a glimpse at your true identity that need not be hidden constantly.  I don’t want to give you advice but I hope you give yourself the opportunity to let others reveal themselves to you in the future by revealing a little of yourself to them.

Roseanne B.

….To our friendship, particularly the times when we were close and the things that we shared.

Steve F.

….You’ve helped me a lot, although you probably don’t even realize it. I’ll always remember you, but then how could anyone forget a wonderful person like you.  Please remember if there’s ever anything that’s troubling you, you can always turn to me.

—Denise M.

….I really can’t thank you for all you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me view life from a different perspective and I can honestly say it’s much more beautiful this way.

Ilene G.

….You are indeed beautiful. You give this image that you are dependent on others, that you dig drugs, that you are unproductive, a clown who has no ambition.  But I see though it all.  You are just playing with their minds, manipulating and exploiting them.  I won’t put you down for it because when a person has reached the level that you are on, they can be allowed to do that—and all the more power to you.  I know who you really are and what’s behind it.  Because you can be honest with yourself, with me you don’t need to perform.  My super fine acid perception picks it up every time you deviate from yourself and start to play a role. Just don’t get lost in that role.  Always hold onto yourself.

Richie L.

…..The inevitable task of writing yearbook compliments is once more present and calling. Usually it is a trivial task but for the first time I find myself signing the book of not just anyone.  I can honestly say that you shock me.  Not for the same reasons that you shock everyone else.  You shock me in your truths; not in your falseness.  You evaluate a person not only for yourself, as you appear to be doing, but also for the benefit of that person as well.  You want the people you care about to understand this but you don’t think they do.  You’re right.  They don’t. There was a time when I evaluated you and assessed everything you did trying to understand the why of it.   There’s no reason for me to do that now.  I think I know why.  I didn’t set out to find that out, it just came.  I won’t wish you success because that’s really up to you.

Stew F.

…..Actually, you have been a major component in the formulation of my scheme of thought. Although you exaggerated certain aspects of human behavior and dumped just about any moralistic and Marxian ideals, you added richly to the way that I view the people of this world and myself. I am indebted to you for the company and conversation you’ve afforded me and I appreciate it even if I failed to understand your continued loyalty.

Bill K.

You started out as a frightful, loud, nasty person who provoked my caution, fear and awe. Now you are closer and dearer to me than I can possibly express.  You are of course a unique individual; a word that seems to have been created just for you.  But more than that you are warm, kind, understanding and so much more.  What drew us together—two seemingly opposite personalities?  We are really so much alike in our feelings, beliefs, emotional behavior and idiosyncrasies that it is unbelievable.   You are one of the few people that understand me and I desperately need that.  Who else could see under my layers of cover and disguise?  You have always been there when I needed you—listening advising, joking, laughing.  You can’t be classified as a “type” of person.  You are laughter and sunshine: tears and sorrow, silence, noise, melancholy.  You are so many things to different people and I am honored that I have gotten to know everything that is you.  Not many friendships could have endured all that ours has and come out stronger than ever.  We have shared everything; we have discussed what is closest to our hearts and in the next moment we have laughed hysterically at some piece of trivia.  You are all things to me.  It’s funny how easy it is to write something for someone you don’t care about.  Now it comes to you and I’m speechless!  (How unusual.)  How selfish I am to take so greedily all you have given me; your time, understanding advice and most of all yourself.  No matter what may happen in the future you are already a permanent part of me—something that can never be erased.  This is all coming out so wrong—but nothing really needs to be said as long as it is so deeply felt.  Thanks for everything and thank you for being such a fantastically beautiful person.  Thanks for being you. I love you.

Ellen F.

..I feel as if I’m one of the lucky people. I mean, I’ve seen what’s underneath and it’s truly a slightly insane person.  It’s been fun growing with you.  Anyways, this business of signing yearbooks is a drag and mostly bullshit but I sincerely wish you true happiness and good friends and love and sex.   Sgt. Pepper and the corpse of God along with the great guru, the Kush and myself wish you a good head throughout eternity.  Stay cool.

Judy G. 

….We’ve had our differences—but so does everyone. I really love you and will miss you tremendously.  What’s there to say except, “Let’s get the hell into bed”


….I think that I’ve learned something from you. Exactly what I don’t know, but I hope to find out.


Knowing you has added a lot to my understanding of people. After all, if I can understand you, I can understand anybody.


To a mystery.

Saul B.



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